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Welcome to ShipOffer.Com, the worldwide shipping network. 


Dear All, 

Thank you for your kind attention to our website and our services in this website, before access the website, you should read this policy for understanding our services.

There are two kinds of membership: a free member and a perfect member.

The free members:

You can access information in our website and add your offers with your contact information for free.

However, you are not permitted to access to the contact information in ship’s and cargo’s database.

The perfect members: 

If you purchase a subscription (as perfect member) to our online service you will enjoy the following benefits.

-        Have all benefits of free member

-        Access most of information in our forum, news, port information, container line, blacklist, download…

-        Add your offers with full contact details in forum

-        Access the full details of the cargo, tonnage database.

Our subscription is offered at Perfect member USD 50 for 1 year.

ShipOffer.Com provides the information about ships on sale, purchase, charters and shipbuilding opportunity for shipbrokers, ship owners, shipbuilders and related people all over the world.  We also provide a free membership for free.

All members can post their offers and search freely. Every member also can delete, add, update or edit their posting by himself.

Therefore, all their information will be controlled at their will. However, for providing more confidential information to our members, out of dated data, sometimes, members' posted information and misleading information would be deleted at our will.

We hope you understand this kind of our policies. We recommend every member keep his information in this site fresh. ShipOffer.Com cannot and does not guarantee that all information in this site is accurate excepted information in our data. Therefore, users should estimate by themselves the accuracy of the information in shipoffer.com via direct contact to the providers of the information.

We will always be happy to answer any further questions about our services or to listen to your comment.


We are free for everybody can get information from shipoffer.com now until we have another information.

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