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Nordana-153.jpg      Nordana will develop, improve and maintain the ISO 9001 system and meet customer expectations with our services in all respects and thus create confidence in the company's technical and market capabilities. The company wants its customers to get the impression and experience that their views are heard and that cooperation is uncomplicated and professional.

Increasing congestion in North African ports made it evident that more specialized tonnage was required to obtain priority berthing. In 1979 four Multipurpose RoRo vessels were introduced. The vessels offered a fully new, unique, and sophisticated cargo handling concept to the trade and to the distinct benefit of the Line's many different customers. With the most advanced RoRo concept introduced, the vessels obtained quick dispatches in even the most difficult ports. Nordana has since expanded the geographic scope, improved the frequencies and widened its services to become one of the premier Multipurpose RoRo liner carriers. Today Nordana is recognized as a specialty carrier, able to accommodate our customers' varying needs for cargo handling, reliability, and port calls

Work to achieve a high degree of satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.
Management is actively helping to ensure employee training / development which is necessary to meet the applicable policies and goals.
Comply with all relevant requirements and comply with all regulatory requirements associated with the task.
Implement preventive actions to address any non-conformities.
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