• Gas-…-breaking-the-ice-2914.jpg
    Gas: … breaking the ice
    Icebreaking vessels to reach Asia in half the time a trip through the Suez Canal would take. Read more
  • Supplydemand-improving-but-shipyards-must-still-fight-for-survival-says-MSI-2913.jpg
    Supply/demand improving but shipyards must still fight for survival, says MSI
    After a painful decade in which the shipping industry has suffered from an unhealthy supply position, a sustained reduction in contracting has at last begun to move fleet orderbook into closer balance with an improving demand picture, according to analyst Maritime Strategies International. Read more
  • The-world’s-first-crewless-ship-will-launch-next-year-2912.jpg
    The world’s first crewless ship will launch next year
    The world’s first crewless, automated ship will launch in 2018, reports the Wall Street Journal, and is expected to be fully autonomous by 2020. The Norwegian-built Yara Birkeland will use GPS, radar, cameras, and sensors to navigate itself around other boat traffic and dock on its own. It’s anticipated to cost around $25 million, which is about three times as much as a standard container ship of the same size. But investors say without the need for fuel or crew, annual operating costs would be cut by up to 90 percent. The vessel will become autonomous in stages, Yara said. Read more
  • IMO-sulphur-monitoring-data-analysis-shows-increase-in-average-residual-fuel-sulphur-2910.jpg
    IMO sulphur monitoring data analysis shows increase in average residual fuel sulphur content, product stem sizes down in 2016
    The yearly average sulphur content of tested residual fuel oils increased to 2.58% in 2016, up by 0.13% from 2.45% in 2015, according to data provided to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) from four providers of sampling and testing services. Read more
  • Dry-Bulk-Iron-ore-trade-could-face-further-complications-from-US-steel-policy-2909.jpg
    Dry Bulk: Iron ore trade could face further complications from US steel policy
    As if the dry bulk market didn’t its own problems to solve, it risks facing further complications from the looming shifts in steel trade policies. in its latest weekly report, Allied Shipbroking noted that “trouble seems to be looming once more in the steel industry as US President Trump puts forth his plans for specialist protectionist measures for the badly weathered US steel industry. This latest push has been based on a Cold War-era trade law that would allow him to restrict imports of any goods or in this case commodity, which is deemed to be critical to national defense. As far back as April, the new administration took steps to launch a special investigation into steel imports so as to ascertain whether under the 1962 law conditions were met to justify a limit to imports under the pretense of a threat to the country’s security”. Read more
  • Abu-Sayyaf-beheads-2-Vietnamese-hostages-military-2908.jpg
    Abu Sayyaf beheads 2 Vietnamese hostages – military
    (CNN Philippines, July 5) — The Abu Sayyaf group beheaded two Vietnamese nationals held hostage for almost eight months, the military said Wednesday. Read more
  • Multipurpose-shipping-market-to-strengthen-on-growing-demand-2907.jpg
    Multipurpose shipping market to strengthen on growing demand
    Many key drivers for dry cargo demand have reported a significant uptick in 2017, resulting in improving conditions for all vessels in the multipurpose shipping sector, according to the latest Multipurpose Shipping Market Review and Forecast report published by global shipping consultancy Drewry. Read more
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