• Dry-Bulk-FFA-Capesize-Index-Could-Soon-Be-on-the-Rise-Again-2895.jpg
    Dry Bulk FFA: Capesize Index Could Soon Be on the Rise Again
    Capesize Index Support – 11, 414, 10,862, 9,468 Resistance – 13,214, 13,772, 15,301, 19,602 Read more
  • Newbuilding-Prices-Rising-Trend-Continues-as-Buying-Interest-Intensifies-2894.jpg
    Newbuilding Prices Rising Trend Continues as Buying Interest Intensifies
    The slumping days of the newbuilding ordering market seem to be over. Prices have been on the climb over the past few weeks, a trend which has continued unabated during the course of the past week as well. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Allied Shipbroking noted that the fact that prices are moving upwards has also led to disruptions on buying interest as well, as many are waiting to see what best deals are on offer still. Read more
  • Shipping-industry’s-CO2-proposal-to-IMO-may-be-a-good-compromise-2893.jpg
    Shipping industry’s CO2 proposal to IMO may be a good compromise
    Pressure is growing on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to deliver specific commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A proposal from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and other shipping organisations offers a possible way forward. IBIA explains what’s going on. Read more
  • Tanker-Market-Demand-for-Larger-Tonnage-On-the-Up-2892.jpg
    Tanker Market: Demand for Larger Tonnage On the Up
    It seems that the recent surge of interest from ship owners regarding the acquisition of more modern tonnage was based on some interesting developments from the demand side of the market. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Charles R. Weber said that “demand for VLCC and Suezmax time charters of at least six months heated up to unseasonable heights during March and April, after a very slow start to the year. The trend came as time charter rates corrected from temporary support received amid the strong final months of 2016, creating fresh opportunities for charterers to get into the market at low rates to minimize exposure to forward volatility”. Read more
  • Dry Bulk FFA: Panamax Index Could Enter Correction Mode If Rates Fail to Stabilize in the US$ 9,400 to US$10,000 Range
    Panamax Index Weekly Support – 7,237, 7,027, 6,459 Resistance – 9,400, 10,000, 11,084, 12,987 Read more
  • S&P Liquidity: The Shipping Market ‘Chameleon’?
    Many of shipping’s asset markets appear to offer a fairly reasonable level of liquidity most of the time, but just like the “Karma Chameleon” in the 1983 No.1 song, sometimes this can “come and go” due to a variety of factors. Recently, it appears that S&P market liquidity has been coming on strong in the main volume sectors, and once again there appear to be a number of different drivers behind the changes… Read more
  • Capesize-and-Supramax-Values-On-the-Up-Says-VesselsValue-2889.jpg
    Capesize and Supramax Values On the Up Says VesselsValue
    Bulker values have been variable this month. Capesize and Supramax values have firmed whilst Panamax and Handy vessels have stabilised in older tonnage. Read more
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