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Mariana Express Lines

Mariana-Express-Lines-156.jpg      Founded in 1997, Mariana Express Lines (“MELL”) is a container liner operator headquartered in Singapore.

Focusing on niche routes in the Asia-Pacific region, MELL strives to provide shippers and consignees with services that have regular sailing schedules and quick transit times.  MELL is committed to offering customers a schedule integrity that differentiates herself from the competition.
Though MELL started with only two vessels plying the route of Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan and Taiwan, the Company has grown her network extensively over the years.  Using Hong Kong and Kaoshiung as hubs, MELL currently carries containers between China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and islands in the Pacific.
MELL has also established the Company’s own dedicated shipping agencies in key ports of call to support her vessel operations and to provide ancillary logistics support.  Mariana Shipping, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MELL, manages these agencies.
By providing fully-integrated logistics and containerized transportation services, MELL is well respected in the industry for her customer-centric, personalised approach and is dedicated to serving the local communities.
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