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Date: 04/02/2013
Double-Hull Oil-Chem Tanker suitable for Vegetable and Animal Oils for sale


Good day,
We can develop for sale the following Double-Hull Oil-Chem Tanker suitable for Vegetable and Animal Oils, as well as Petroleum products:
MT ''TBN''
2520 dwt on 4.76 Metres draft
Blt 6/1971 at Societe CLEMNA La Spezia, Italy,,,and extensively rebuilt in 2006.
Double Hull / Double Bottom - Tanker for Chemicals - Ship type 2
Classification: DNV 1A1 Tanker for oil with flashpoint above 60 deg. C.
Loa:   76.00 Metres
Extreme breadth:  11.50 Metres
Grt:  1639
Total cubic capacity 98% ex slop tank:  2139.36 Cu. Metres
Displacement (Tonnes):  3507.6 Metric Tonnes
Air draft (sea level to top of mast/highest point) in normal SBT condition? 19.20 Metres
Type of coating:  Marine Line
CARGO PUMPS  (Type / number / capacity):  
811056 x 250 Cu. Metres/Hour (Screw)
46130 x 170 Cu. Metres/Hour (Screw)
Type of cargo heating system?  Steam
Material of heating system?  Stainless steel coils.
Max load temp:  90.0 °C / 194.0 °F
Max temp maintain:   90 °C / 194 °F
Cargotank Coating system:
Marine line
Propulsion / Aux.:
2 x 6L23 / 30 D 2 x 810 kW, Alpha Diesel 
2 x VALMET 612 DSBG 134 kW, 380 V 50 Hz 
1 x DEUTZ F6M 716, stb cargopump 
1x VALMET 134 kW, port cargopump
Loaded condition 10,5knots abt. 7,20 mts GO
Ballast condition  10,5knots abt. 6,50 mts GO
in port idle                         0,75 mts per day
Sat C 0581 4219 50910, GMDSS A1+A2+A3.
2 x Termo Trading DT 2500 Steamgenerators 
2 x 2500 kg steam / h. 
Enable to heat cargo to 80 deg. C 
Heating coils AISI 316 L Stainless steel. 
Heating medium: steam.
Tank sizein cbm: 100% filling:
1P 150,30 
IS 150,30  
She was extensively and substantially rebuilt in 2006. She is belonging to one of the Danish shipowners that still maintains the ships in a more than proper conditions. She is flagging the Danish International flag which also confirm her good standing. 
Price ideas: Owners invites buyers offer. But with Buyer's name, we can try and get some figures.
The owners are keen in entering discussions for possible sale.
She is trading and inspectable within Scandinavia/Holland/Germany axis.
Plsd to hear
Kind regards.

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