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Date: 04/03/2016
Cargo report on 5th Mar 2016 S.E.A and N.Asia

Dear All,


On 05th Feb, 2016, we are please to inform you some information about cargo for your reference.


1. Our own cargo, account SHIPOFFER: 

5000mt of gypsum from Bangkok to Hochiminh, 15-20 Mar, you can contact us via below contact for fixing.


2. Other cargoes: 

- 2,800mt Sugar in bags Bangkok/Laemchabang 5-10 Mar

- 20,000-25mt Cement in bags Cailan/Davao 16-20 Mar

- 30,000mt Coal in bulk Samarinda/Iloilo Prompt

- 2,986mt Crude zinc oxide in jumbo bag Taichung/Miike 4–8 April

- 2,850mt Crude zinc oxide in jumbo bag Taichung/Hachinohe 4–8 April

- 16,000mt Coal in bulk Shakhtersk/Iloilo 1-10 April

- 16,000mt Coal in bulk Shakhtersk/Iloilo 5-14 April

- 2,700-2,800mt DAP in bulk sf=1.25wog, Beihai/Hochiminh, 7-12 Mar

- 6,000mt Ferts in bulk, Zhangjiagang/Davao+Oilo, 20-27 Mar

- 3,000mt DAP in bulk sf=1.35wog, Zhanjiang/Hochiminh, 18-22 Mar

- 6,000mt Ferts in bulk Longkou/Lahad datu 10-15 Mar

- 10,000mt Ammonium sulphate in bulk Nanjing/Davao 13-16 Mar

- 12,000mt NP 16-20-0 in bulk Zhangjiagang/Subic 20-24 Mar

- 12,000mt Iron ore Malacca/Main port of China Mid Mar, try vessel dates

- 15,000mt Coal in bulk Muara Berau/Busan or Donghae, Mid or End Mar

- 3,941cbm Steel structure Singapore/South Sumatra 23-30 Mar

- 20,000mt Steel Scrap Funabashi/PhuMy Prompt

- 7,000mt Tapioca pellets in bulk (sf=1.6) Kohsichang/Dalian 20-23 Mar

- 8,000mt Ferts in bulk Dafeng/Pasir gudang 15-20 Mar

- 5,000mt Silica sand in bulk Lumut/Taipei Prompt

- 40,000mt Iron ore in bulk Kuantan/Rizhao Prompt

- 25,000mt Rice in bags Kohsichang/Umm Qasar 21-28 Mar

- And a lot of other cargoes.


Hope that above information will help you in your business. If you need any more information about cargo in this area, please feel free to contact me.


Thanks and BRgrds,


Ms. Quoi

Mobile:+84 919875077

Skype: shipofferbulk


Ms. Nguyen

Mobile:+84 916875077

Skype: shipofferproject



Tel: +84 8 66837557 / +65 31581244 

Fax: +84 8 54094544

Email: chartering@shipoffer.com

Website: www.shipoffer.com

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