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Date: 25/02/2016
Cargo report on 25 Feb 2016 S.E.A and N.Asia

Dear All,


On 25 Feb, 2016, we are please to inform you some information about cargo for your reference.

- 5,400mt urea in bulk (sf abt 1.65 wog) Yantai / Hochiminh 05-10th Mar

- 6,000mt urea in bulk (sf abt 1.45 wog) ZhenJiang / Bataam 15-20th Mar

- 40,000mt Coal in bulk Muara Satui/ Changshu, 1-4th Mar

- 5,000mt Ammonium Chloride in bulk Zhangjiagang/Sandakan Mid Mar

- 55,000mt Coal in bulk Muara Pantai/ Kandla 05–12th Mar

- 5,000mt Feldspar in bulk Mawei/ Pasir Gudang 05–10th Mar

- 7,000mt Clay in bulk Beihai/ Tapei 20–30th Mar

- 3,500-4,000mt Feldspar in bulk Guangzhou/Taipei 20–25th Mar

- 2,900mt Pottery Stone in bulk Sungsan/ Taipei 01–10th Apr

- 7,000mt Clay in bulk Port Klang/ Taipei 10–20th Mar

- 50,000mt Met Coke (sf 1.75wog) Tianjin/ Imminghan End Mar

- 30,000mt Amsul in bulk Nanjing/ Tekirdag and Izmir and Iskenderun 28 Feb–02 Mar

- 2,300-2,500mt Round logs (sf 2.1-2.2), Tawau/ Mythoi, 10-15th Mar

- 50,000mt Coal in bulk Tanjung Pampenjiangan/Kandla, 06-16 Mar

- 20,000mt urea in bulk (sf abt 1.45 wog) Tianjin/ Maspion jetty Gresik 27-29th Feb

- 10,000mt pig iron Penang /Rayong 1-5th Mar

- 6,000mt Billet (12mt/1.2 ton per piece) Penang / Cigading Mid Mar

- 6,000-6,100mt urea in bulk (sf abt 1.47 wog) Butterworth / Kosichang 07-09th Mar

- 18,000mt Mill scale in bulk (sf abt 1.10 wog) Bangkok + Rayong/ Nantong or Nanjing Promt onward

- 5,400mt urea in bulk (sf abt 1.65 wog) Yantai / Hochiminh 05-10th Mar

- And a lot of other cargoes.


Hope that above information will help you in your business. If you need any more information about cargo in this area, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you and Best Regards

Ms. Quoi

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