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Date: 13/07/2016
Cargo report on 13th July, 2016 in S.E.A & N.ASIA

Dear All,


On 13th   July, 2016, we are please to inform you some information about cargo for your reference.



-       5,000 mts Ground Calcium carbonate (GCC) in bulk 1sp, 1-2sb, 1-2sa Lumut/1sp, 1-2sb, 1-2sa Mundra 25-30th July, 2016

-       6,000 mts Cement in 40kgs KPK sbp QuangNinh, Vietnam/sbp Puerto Princesa 22-25th July, 2016

-       6-8,000 mts Clinker in bulk MOLCO 1sap Campha or Halong, Vietnam/1sbp Kuching 3-7th August, 2016

-       10,000 mts Soda Feldspar Thasala, Thailand/Chittagong, Bangladesh prompt

-       17,000 mts Iron ore in bulk Kemaman, Malaysia/Rizhao 16-20th July, 2016

-       30,000 mts Coal in bulk Bengkulu, Pulao Bali, Sumatra. Indonesia/Soai Rap, Vietnam 23-28th July, 2016

-       45,000 mts Tapico chips (s.f 1.8 wog) 1sap Kosichang, Thailand/1sbp Lianyungang or Rizhao, China 22nd July onwards

-       2,500 mts Scrap 1sp 1sb Funabashi, Japan/1sp 1sb Inchon, S.Korea 26-31st Jult, 2016

-       6,300-6,600 mts Fertilizer in bulk (s.f 1.3 wog)1sbp Beihai, China/1sbp Dumai, Indonesia 20-25th Jul, 2016

-       32,000 mts Iron ore in bulk Kuantan, Malaysia/Jinqntyin or Zhenjiang, China 23-28th July, 2016

-       25-30,000 mts Hot Briquetted iron (HBI) in bulk 1sbsp Labuan, Malaysia/1sp Port of Pohang ppt onward

-       And  lot of other cargoes


Hope that above information will help you in your business. If you need any more information about cargo in this area, please feel free to contact me.


Thanks and BRgrds,


Ms. Quoi

Mobile:+84 919875077

Skype: shipofferbulk


Ms. Nguyen

Mobile:+84 916875077

Skype: shipofferproject



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